If You Want The Most Aggressive Investors, You Want Day Traders
For some investors, succeeding in the stock market is about playing “the long game.” It involves buying stocks at lower prices, then sitting back, letting the march of time appreciate the value of that purchase, sometimes for years, or even decades, then selling.

But for other investors, the stock market is a way to make large amounts of money quickly, though this method involves high risks. Speculation, options trading, currency trading, and binary options trading are all ways to make money fast, but, as with a casino, people are gambling with the odds, sometimes winning big, and sometimes losing big as well. For some traders, fortunes can be made and lost in a matter of hours, but for this same demographic, it’s all part of a never-ending search for early, time-sensitive opportunities, where the secret to victory is in getting in early, fast and exploiting an opportunity for everything it’s worth. These are the day stock traders, the Forex traders, and others who aggressively invest online.

The Rise Of Rapid Response
In the past, trading stocks, commodities and other securities was a largely closed off, “elite” activity. The lack of any sophisticated digital infrastructure meant that the stock market was a physical place, such as in Wall Street in New York, where traders, stockbrokers, and other certified, licensed professionals, conducted their trades through the use of hand signals. Eventually, with the rise of distance communication like radio and telephones, orders could be issued from an office to traders on the floor. This model of trading persisted for generations, from the 19th to the 20th century and even now, to the 21st.

However, with the arrival of the Internet, and the ability to conduct financial transactions digitally, things changed. Traditional stock and commodities trading remained a fixture of the market, but new ways to trade were added. The addition of telephone, then digital trading to the Foreign Exchange market (Forex), >exploded general trading for currencies and cleared the way for currency speculation.

New types of trading like options and the even more controversial binary options trading didn’t require people to be licensed stockbrokers. However, these types of trades were no longer about purchasing or selling stocks, commodities, or other securities. Instead, the rise of Internet trading made it possible for people to speculate—or bet—on the outcomes of trades, rather than make the trades themselves.

A New Breed Of Trader
As a result of the Internet acting as a portal for trading, a whole new generation of traders has arisen for stocks, bonds, and speculations that have never set foot on the trading floor of Wall Street in New York, or Paternoster Square for the London Stock Exchange. These are traders that move quickly, aggressively, and are always on the hunt for new trading opportunities. They are opposite of conservative, risk-averse traders, sometimes committing vast amounts of funds to a single options trade that can yield a profit in less than an hour, sometimes in even just a few minutes, or similarly lose that investment in moments if a prediction is wrong.

Day stock traders, option traders, and Forex traders all operate by a very different set of rules from traditional trading. Some of them, such as Forex traders, can trade at any time of the day, as the market on currency is always open in some parts of the world. Day stock traders, meanwhile, are active for intense periods, making multiple trades during trading hours of the traditional markets.

A Large But Challenging Resource
What this means for different businesses is that there is plenty of opportunity in the segment day traders, option traders, and others. This is a group that has already demonstrated an aggressive, proactive interest in raising income. It’s also a group that is technically proficient, willing to use the Internet as a resource and is not afraid of taking some risks, sometimes even extremely high risks. This is also a large group, as they don’t require any official certification, only their own funds, and a willingness to learn how to trade online.

For businesses, all of these characteristics represent different opportunities. Certain investments, products, or services that are related to these areas, such as financial management, or even promising startups that may benefit from the investment. This demographic has a vast range of interests, as shown by their participation in everything from Forex trading on currencies to binary options trading in the technology sector.

But finding all these day traders, options traders, and others is challenging. These are not high profile hedge fund managers or investors that regularly appear in the headlines of a major news outlet’s financial pages. They can be anywhere in the United States, or the world, so tracking them down to approach them for marketing or promotional projects can be challenging.

We Can Help
Wall Street List is here to help businesses reach out to this promising, but widespread and largely hidden demographic. Our specialization is in compiling contacts in databases for marketing and promotional use. We take all the necessary effort and due diligence to ensure our list are not legitimate and, more importantly, current. With a Wall Street List database, you won’t find deceased or inactive addresses, and if you need it, you can get even more detail.

Our lists give clients the fundamentals they need, like a name, and a physical mailing address, or email address, or phone number. We can even provide numbers for SMS/Text messaging or Fax if that’s required. But we can also perform intensive filtration and categorization. For people that want to know what a person’s liquidity is, or whether they already an accredited investor, or even a mortgage holder, it’s possible for us to provide lists with this kind of specificity. This makes it easier to get better results, with higher engagement if you can fine-tune your marketing, promotions, or proposals to the exact interests and needs of a smaller but more responsive list of clientele.

So if you’re ready to reach out to the day stock traders, option traders, binary options traders, and more contact us.

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